Gaptech - Responsive Blogger Template

Gaptech - Responsive Blogger Template

Yohalllooooo ... how are you today? Are you OK, or have a high fever ??? We wish you good health.

This time I want to share a blogger template that is arguably good-looking.

Gaptech - Responsive Blogger Template

With its super clean, lightweight, super-fast, responsive, and SEO-friendly appearance, it would be a plus for this Gaptech Responsive Blogger Template. Especially to pamper your blog visitors so they can linger and don't want to leave.

Oh yes, you need to know, actually this template is the second form of the previous template, that is: Sky Volte

What makes it different, and what have I added?

Here I just changed the user interface (appearance) to make it fresh and look new from the previous one.

As for the additional features that I put into this template.

  • Change the appearance of the popular posts widget
  • Change the appearance of the label widget
  • Added featured slider widget + Ads slot on the right side
  • Added the featured trending homepage widget (with mint color background)

Those are the few features I added.

What do you think?

Are you interested?

If interested, you can download it for free.

I don't forget to attach screenshots of test results from several sites:

1. Google Pagespeed

Gaptech - Responsive Blogger Template

Gaptech - Responsive Blogger Template

2. Web dev

Gaptech - Responsive Blogger Template

3. GTmetrix

Gaptech - Responsive Blogger Template

If there is an error on the template, please contact me.


For the reply button in the comments column, it automatically turns off because it is caused by the closing body tag being encoded. So if you want to activate it, please edit or return the closing tag of the body to the default --> </body>

But it will also cause the blogger's default js widget to return to the template.

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